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Welcome Classmates!

We just became aware of the fact that another classmate, Stu Herschleb, has passed away.
Below is a note from his son Garrett sent to Margie
on Monday February 29, 2016

Dr. Stuart (Stu) Herschleb

1944 - 2016

Satin Doll
Stu Herschleb & Tom Huelsmann
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It is with a grieving heart that I announce the death of my dear father, Stuart Herschleb.

He was out enjoying his favorite activity, riding his motorcycle.
A witness in a car behind him said, he appeared to suddenly slump over while riding,
and simply just fell off the motorcycle. He was not moving very fast,
and there was little apparent damage. However, when the paramedics arrived,
the defibrillator measured no electrical activity,
and no resuscitation was possible.
A helicopter from the hospital was en route,
but the flight was canceled after they knew there was no possibility of revival.

Details are still sketchy at this moment. If you wish to learn more, I will maintain 2 mailing lists:

  1. Circumstances of his passing.
  2. Funeral service details

Thank you so much for being a part of his life.
I know he treasured all of his friends, and you are a part of what made his life so happy.


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